22.3 million children are not fully vaccinated and 2 million children die needlessly every year from preventable diseases. Proper and innovative vaccine logistics management has become a major global health issue we are working to solve.


A hospital stay is often a daunting an overwhelming experience for a patient. Being uninformed about the medical process contributes to a stressful stay - a counterintuitive experience when patients place an enormous amount of trust in the system.

Our soon to be launched program - Supper with a Scientist - is a new approach, with an age-old solution: bringing people together in the spirit of celebration, to build new relationships, to learn about science from an expert...and to do it all over the joy of sharing food.


September 20, 2017

Co-Founder David Clark presents Trends and Disruptions at the 2017 Warehousing and Distribution Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa

September 12, 2017

Co-Founder David Clark chairs an open panel discusion at the South African Operations Research Society annual conference

May 25, 2017

Blueprint International selected as Social Enablers top 100 social ventures

April 05, 2017

Co-Founder Catharine Young gives Keynote talk at the E. Palmer Research Symposium at Morningside College

February 08, 2017

Blueprint International participated in the  D-Prize health entrepreneurs and Global Health Corps twitter chat #DprizeforGHC