A hospital stay is often a daunting and overwhelming experience for a patient. Being uninformed about the medical process, hospital procedures and staff all contribute to a stressful stay - a counterintuitive experience when patients place an enormous amount of trust in the system.


Inspired by "The Patient Checklist: 10 simple checklists to keep you safe, sane and organized," we have developed a user-friendly, cost- effective mobile app checklist tool that serves to empower patients to become an active participant in their hospital care.

Advantages of this technology include:

  • Manage - Patients can protect and manage their daily (continuous) flow of medical information. In addition, this checklist allows a patient to become confident in their new surroundings. From how to work the TV, remembering to bring a pair of earplugs or earphones and to keep hydrated during their stay, checking off these items will help the patient feel more in control of their experience.

  • Monitor - An important aspect to a successful hospital stay is for the patient to be familiar with the medical process. One crucial element of this checklist includes the ability for the patient to track when they begin taking certain medications, IV drips or injections and when they are stopped. With a quick search option to look-up specific drugs, this option also educates patients regarding their medication and encourages them to become self-aware of behaviors or side effects that might arise due to potential medication issues.

  • Participate - A major advantage of this checklist is that it allows patients to become an advocate for their own health. For example, patients can record how they feel every day, a perfect opportunity to monitor their care on a daily basis, jot questions that might arise or make notes and set important reminders. An estimated $750 billion dollars per year is wasted on unnecessary medical tests and missed prevention opportunities. Therefore being an educated and involved patient could potentially have far-reaching consequences and promote many operational and financial benefits.